Because lessons are pre-paid for each month it is very important to honor your scheduled lesson time. 


If you are going to miss a scheduled lesson  I require that you give no less than 24 hours notice.    If you do not notify me within that time frame, the lesson is forfeited as well as the fee for the lesson.  Makeup lessons must be scheduled before the next month's payment due date.  Lesson payment will not carry over to the next month.


If I need to reschedule your lesson for any reason, I will reschedule your lesson and your fee will not be lost.  I will also give you 24 hours notice so you can plan accordingly.



Please....if you are too sick to go to work or school, give notice and reschedule your lesson time that month.  I will give you the same consideration if I become ill.  If your child is running fever or left school that day, please call me immediately and reschedule for that day.



Because lessons are scheduled back to back, I am unable to extend your lesson time if you are late.  I will give you what is left of your time slot and the slot will still be paid in full.  Please try to arrive at your lesson 5 minutes early to insure that you use your entire lesson time.


Makeup Lessons:

Makeup lesson will be made available each month according to my availability and will be announced at the beginning of each month.  I will work with you whenever possible, but please understand that if the times available do not work with your schedule the lesson will be forfeited and there will be no return of the lesson fee.


There will be no more than 2 makeup lessons alloted per student per semester.


If I reschedule your lesson due to a conflict on my part, it does not count against your 2 makeup lessons.




Cancellation of Lessons:


Please give me the courtesy of two weeks notice if you are planning to discontinue lessons.  This allows me adequate time to fill your time slot and cause the least disruption in scheduling.  I completely understand that things come up and plans change, I just ask that you are courteous and let me know ahead of time.  I cannot refund tuition that has already been paid, but will gladly pro-rate the two weeks for that month if your stop date falls in the middle of the month.