Teens are a special breed.  The teen years are a time of change, excitement, independence and sometimes insecurity.  Angela has worked with teens of all ages for over 15 years with great success.


Our goals for lessons:


*  Build confidence and poise


*  Develop safe vocal technique


*   Identify and correct unhealthy singing habits


*  Establish and encourage a consistent work ethic


*  Increase communication skills



Angela will work with your teen to choose music that interests them, while incorporating correct technique for all genres of music. 


She also will work with your teen actor to learn various methods that will improve performance outside of the studio.


Teens often have audition opportunities and Angela will work with your teen to organize, practice and polish auditions.


For advanced teens who aspire to perform professionally or are preparing for college auditions, Angela has many former students who began in their teens and are now professional performers.  Check out the testimonial page!